The USS Quad Damage

Some family in Scotland registered the domain name as a gift to their son to use as his email address.

The article proceeds as a normal David vs Goliath battle of some rich corporation vs your poor average person. Obviously they should be able to keep the domain and the people running CS Lewis's company are evil, evil people.

Hmm. Maybe not. See .mobi is supposed to be specifically used for delivering web pages to mobile internet devices. Infact 100% of the pages published on .mobi domains MUST be tailored for mobile devices. It's basically the .com .org .net .mil .gov .whatever else of mobile phone devices. The family however is not intending to use it as such and it really should be turned over to the CS Lewis company, perhaps with the family being paid the cost of registration and maintinance of the domain. Atleast at a common sense abstracted public relations media level as the original article intended. Whether or not this is the case under the law is however a whole other story.