The USS Quad Damage

No such thing as a water powered car

I'm sorely disappointed in news media today

My dad's a lunatic. He told me about this water powered car created by a company named Genepax. I assumed he found this "information" on the webnet, and proceeded to make fun of him. He does this kind of thing a lot.

If you googled genepax you'd find not their website, but a bunch of actual news sources, including engaget and gizmodo, as well as SMH and a bunch of television news sources. Everyone seems to believe this is real.

Let me try that again... Everyone believes that if you put water into a fuel cell which outputs.. water.. the water is somehow generating electricity. There's only really two buzzwords thrown in between "water goes in" and "Fuel cell". The only thing curiously missing is the apparently miraculous ability of the fuel cell to generate water as it's output. What gives newspapers the right to just regurgitate a fucking white paper without checking their sources? Exactly how many physicists... or even high school students were consulted about this? My dad's a fucking retard as is, he doesn't need a bunch of reputable sources somehow vindicating his beliefs.