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Caught Speeding at double the posted limit!!!

Man charged after being clocked at double speed limit.

What a monster. Doing over double the speed limit in a 60 zone. He could have killed someone. Throw the book at him and strip him of his licence forever. Won't somebody please think of the children. etc,...

Ok so here's the scenario. A local to Bathurst who probably knows the road inside out and back to front, was on a stretch of completely straight wide road with clear visibility, at a time when pedestrians wouldn't be wandering out onto the street, at a speed marginally higher than normal highway speeds 123kph vs 110kph, on a road that regularly caters for cars doing upto 300kph.

I suppose we should all thank the police for taking this obviously dangerous and reckless person off the streets whom obviously has no regard for other peoples saftey, trading respect the community has for the police for revenue for the state government. Finally doing all that rather than doing things that the community would actually like the police to do. Like preventing or bringing to justice persons whom commit crimes against property or persons. You know. Crimes with an actual victim and a real cost to the community.