The USS Quad Damage

New SIte

Man, was that ever painful

New site is up. This features a bunch of cool stuff, like the random quote you'll see on main page. On top of this, the site should no longer look el crappo under internet exploder. Finally, the comments should work as expected. On the admin side, there's now a GUI editor for writing articles, and other such niceties.

Interesting note: over all these years, I was expecting the database to be gigantic -- hundreds of megabytes; gigabytes maybe. Do you know how many megs worth of data we've written since 2003?

10 MB. That's uncompressed SQL, so it includes a huge amount of "INSERT BLAH INTO SOME TABLE". If you zip it up it's like 2 megs. I felt rather disheartened... Having said that, hooray for easy backups!