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Adidas bans using mulesed wool!

Check it out Adidas announces ban on mulesed wool.

What an amazingly brave move by a multinational corporation to decide to ban using mulesed wool, take a bottom dollar hit and promote the apparent well being of sheep.

Oh wait.

Adidas Australia marketing director Simon Miller says the decision will have a minimal impact because the company does not use wool in any of its current products.

So basically supporting environmental or animal activist movements is the new low fat/98% fat free/fat free for corporations. Next I guess we’ll see other corporations jumping on the band wagon such as maybe the Toyota announcing bans on battery feed chickens in their products. Or how one better with Fur distributors selling Fur that isn’t made from battery fed chickens.

I’m sure there’s probably even funnier examples people can think of.

Anyway look there are so many things you can technically claim to jump on the Environmental or Animal Activist banwagons and collect brown, green or furry points that in a few years time I’m sure no one will be able to tell which products actually do the things these activist groups want because their message will be so diluted that it won’t matter anymore. Much like low fat have become or how green or environmentally friendly products are moving towards.