The USS Quad Damage


Two articles on both semi related.

The first is about a fake video released years ago showing a man and a boy under fire in the middle east. Mohammed al-Durra footage may have been a hoax

And the next one is about a video and picture posted on some jihadist site which shows Washinton DC after a nuclear attack!!! Al-Qaeda urges use of WMD

So how are they related?

See the concept art for the next Fallout game.

Whats that right down the bottom? Thats right the picture which has been up since atleast September last year when I downloaded it along with some others.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain why I posted them both. However I will add insult to injury and point out that in the fallout universe a conflict between China and America results in a nuclear war. See Fallout (series) on Wikipedia.