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[Wo]man is pregnant!

So some “guy” reckons he’s become pregnant and that it’s a miracle.

However thats not technically correct.

It would be more correct to say that some gender confused woman who removed her breasts and I assume had a fake penis attached decided to stop taking testostrone and inserted a syringe of sperm into her otherwise undamaged reproductive organs and got pregnant.

While this maybe interesting and I suppose something that the gender confused woman desired it is by no means a miracle and barely news worthy.

No what would be a real miracle is if some guy who was born a male and not a hermaphrodite, never had any sort of medical surgery, treatment or anything happen such as in the movie junior, some how became pregnant.

I mean this story is almost as stupid as some straight guy deciding he liked the homosexual lifestyle thanks to all those gays on TV, living it and then years later marrying a chick and claiming that gay men are sexually attracted to women.

Or how about a child being raised by a pack of wild dogs and the media reporting about a dog/wolf with an opposable thumb and able to walk on it’s hind legs that can be taught basic language skills. Then coming to the conclusion that we’ll soon have dog/wolves running around as members of our society.

Or how about someone using a hand gun as a nut cracker and then realising that it can be loaded with bullets and fired which prompts calls to ban all but crackers because they can be used as guns.

Anyway I think I’ve made my point.