The USS Quad Damage

Funny things in my pants?

I am a fucking freakshow

So, maybe you’d like to go to the following site, maybe watch a video or two, and tell me what you think about this “Cali Lewis”. OK, now go here.

There’s a reasoned portion of my mind which says: “OK. What?” There’s a less reasoned portion which says “HOT!!!!”. I want those two girls dressed as Link to make out. I... don’t even know what that would mean in context.

As for Cali Lewis, I find her inordinately hot. I don’t mean that she’s incredibly hot, but I find her hotter than she is. Does that even make sense? Something about the way she laughs is infectious and flips some bits in my registers.

I, for some reason, felt the need to share that. I hope you don’t need therapy.