The USS Quad Damage

Information sharing on the internet

Everyone knows who I am but me

I played tower defence on Kongregate. Interestingly, despite how I don’t approve of spelling aberrations like “Krispy”, I don’t mind the fake old russian style of “Kongregate”. Also, because it’s going to host Lila’s dreams, I kinda like the site. That was until I logged into facebook about a week after I played TD, and saw that facebook knew I played tower defence.

What... thefuck?

I never “logged into” Kongregate, nor put any other identifying information there. The worst thing I could’ve done is not logged out of facebook. The freaking site used my cookie to identify me on facebook. Knowing facebook’s complete disregard for giving out my information, Kongregate probably knows exactly how many times I’ve watched “The Sound of Music” and played “Quake”, and laughed at how I masturbate to that “I am 16 going on 17 song”, things I’ve dutifully entered into facebook because I’m a fucking retard.

If there needs to be regulation on the internet, it’s not to stop people from downloading illegal content, it’s to keep people’s privates private. Because seriously, even you don’t want to know what I get upto at 3am on a Sunday morning...