The USS Quad Damage


Since Railcorp has been so slow in calling me back I fired off two applications for other jobs in the south west of Sydney.

The first one is less than a 3.6km drive from my house. How do I know? Because thats the furthest point in Smeaton Grange by road. It’d be less than 2.5km as the crow flies.

Anyway it’s some labourering job for a company that makes pre-cast concrete. They’ve listed it multiple times since early december when I started semi looking for jobs. The down side is that it has a 6am start which I assume is causing people to quit or simply stop turning up. The good news is that I live so freaken close and the day ends at 2:30pm. Plenty of time to do what ever I want all afternoon and evening.

The other job is for a paint mixer in Wetherill Park. The major two things with this job is the possibility of getting a forklift licence. Hello motorcycle and car licence on my resumé. Plus the place apparently has a bad smell. Infact half the add is in caps talking about how it smells bad and there’s dust. So I added on my covering email that I have no sense of smell.

I’ll have to see what happens tomorrow as I sent the emails after business hours.