The USS Quad Damage


Even I don't know what I'm saying... ?

A new day, a new year... just another marker for the passage of time. So many people go about trying to find a reason for that jump start... beit in the form of a resolution, or another special event in their calendar – a birthday, an anniversary, a milestone.

Maybe, just maybe this point will allow you to better yourself, find the courage to challenge your willpower, your fear, your desires. Maybe this time you can delude yourself into that reality, fleeting as it may be... maybe not.

The year gone by saw me back in the workforce. I purchased a motorbike. I shared in my friends lives... saw their joys and sorrows and I shared what I could of my own. Looking back allows a great degree of perspective. I gained so many things I cannot yet appreciate. And I lost. Some lessons I just cannot seem to learn.

Some days my delusions do not offer me my solace.