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Double Demerit Points

The NSW opposition wants the NSW government to extend the double demert points scheme until the end of the school holidays. Their reasoning is because "...many people who go away for Christmas and New Year are travelling back on the roads in mid to late January"

Why stop there. Many people use the roads during non holiday periods to travel to and from work. Generally during peak hour. So lets make double demerit points during peak hours.

Oh and what about people running early or late for work. Surely they’d be speeding due to the lack of other cars on the road or the fact that they are late. So lets impliment double demert points outside of peak hour traffic.

Since double demerit points exist all the time now, people will become immune to the whole double demerit point system. I guess then we’ll have to use quadruple demerit points during the old pre-tweaked double demerit point system so people pay extra special attention during those periods.

Plus lets make sure that there’s speed cameras everywhere. I mean why should people who speed at places without police and speed cameras get away with it. Maybe have a system of back to base GPS/Speed trackers for all cars.

Oh and lets up the gaol time for people who drive without a licence since so many people will be losing their licences because of the double and quadruple demerit point systems.

Infact lets make it a crime just to own a car without a licence since so few people will be able to legally drive them.

Then lets fine people for being late to work because our economy is suffering because we no longer have a mobile work force able to travel from areas of poor public transport.

Then lets spend the fine revenue on projects that don’t increase public transport. Such as on the prison system for all those people put in there because they drove or owned a car without a licence.

After that it’s the next governments problem.