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The war on sleeping

I consider internetty people of “my culture”. I identify with them more than any physical culture at any rate. Unfortunately, many of them have a really hate an activity I rather enjoy: sleeping. The arguement is that you “waste” a third of your life doing, effectively, nothing. I disagree.

It’s a time for your body to relax and recuperate. Your heart rate is slowed, your muscles relax and regenerate. Your eyes get a rest. Your mind gets to process things it wouldn’t have time to process. There have been countless times when I haven’t been able to solve a problem, went to sleep, and woke up knowing the answer. I don’t imagine I’m the only one.

I can’t even begin to imagine the long term problems people might start having if they stop sleeping. Worse, I can see a world where my peers start taking drugs to stop them from sleeping, and there’s an expectation from my industry to work 20 hour work-days, simply because some people can actually do them.