The USS Quad Damage

Party retrospective

Our "Christmas is over" party went over without a hitch. Or did it?

I had a ball at our very first “Christmas is over” party. Me and Paulo organised it so that it was the day after boxing day. A day which was hopefully a “black hole” in many people’s agendas. Either they’d gone off to whoop whoop for the NYE party, or they’d be at work, or they’d have nothing planned.

As it turned out, even if they had work the next day, it was OK to turn up for a little bit.

The turnout was excellent. The house was full, there was plenty of conversation, the food and drinks were mostly gone by the time the night ended. I had Kahlua. It was awesome. I had a ball. Judging by the noise, even though we completely forgot to play any music, everyone had fun.

Thanks everyone for turning up. Thanks to the peeps who turned up early and helped get stuff organised, thanks for everyone who just managed to take care of things. As a host, I felt I needed to do very little, and that’s likely because you guys took care of things for me. I had a great time, and hope you guys did as well. I owe you guys.

I should do this every year.