The USS Quad Damage

I'm making a note here... HUGE SUCCESS!

Spurred on from recent successes in ad-hoc pasta sauces, I thought I could do more. Having watched “Ratatouille” recently, I felt like the mouse, like I could just “make up” recipes as I went along, and I would be guided by the “music”, sort of like lumines, but with food.

Unlike lumines, I’m less good at the food. The whole house smells terrible now, the food, time and effort, are all wasted. However, I’m spurred on. I believe my theory was solid. Let me explain:

I recently had a moroccan style salad. It was from coles, so you know, probably not authentic, but still. It had chick peas, red onions, peas, corn, a few greens, and herbs and spices, like cumin, chilli, basil, rosemary, etc. It tasted OK, but I thought I could do better.

I basically liked the way peas and corn go together, and that with lemon it sort of “worked”. I figured you could add carrots and mushrooms without too much trouble, add some small potatoes, serve with couscous.

So for the initial try, I decided to forego the couscous, and just see if I could get the saladey thing working. Threw it all together, put it in a fire, and waited.

The potatoes were my undoing. They take a lot longer to cook than anything else. I should’ve put them in the microwave first. I’m going to try this again once I get game. It will be awesome...