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Hic Sunt Dracones

<a href=">More Than 40 New Laws Now in Effect. I was originally attracted to the article by a link on with the description of “You can now lose your driver's license in the state of NC for an offense totally unrelated to driving if you provide alcohol to anyone under 21 thanks to MADD's ridiculous fascist grip on the nuts of the political machine”.

Sure enough thats in the article and probably worthy of a blog entry by someone somewhere. However it isn’t what bothered me about the article. That is saved for this.

Several new laws affect animals. Penalties have increased for anyone who kills an animal through intentional starvation, or anyone who kills a police animal or an assistance animal such as a seeing-eye dog.

Ok not so shocking in itself I admit. However look at the next few paragraphs ending with this little gem.

[Stephanie] Bell [of the PETA] said that anyone who willfully kills an animal – which is defined by state statute as mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds – should go to prison.

Ok on the surface it sounds reasonable. However when you look at it a little closer and realise it’s from someone at PETA. It’s only then that you realise exactly what this person has asked for. They want to make it a felony offense to kill any animal.

Still don’t get it? S’ok here’s how PETA would want it to go down.

See that steak in your fridge your saving for steak night? With PETAs proposal no one will be able to kill cows to make your steaks.

Rat or mouse problem in your house? Sorry but there’s no such thing as exterminators anymore because they’d all be out of a job or in gaol. Do it yourself and you’ve bought yourself some PITA prison lovin'

Stepped on a lizard in your backyard? You guessed it. Prison time.

Your cat catches a bird and you don’t shell out hundreds if not thousands so your local vet can try and save it’s life? Welcome to accessory to animal murder charges. Your cat meanwhile has full immunity without even testifying against you.

Welcome to the wonderful make believe world of your local PETA nut job whom would very much like to make it a living nightmare for the rest of us.