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Capped mobile phone ads

Is there actually anyone out there who thinks they are getting $130AUD worth of calls for only $19.90 on Dodo’s capped mobile phone plan?

I mean really if you look at even their own pre-paid mobile raids of 15¢ per 30 seconds, 25¢ flag fall verse their capped plan of 39.5¢ per 30 seconds and your average call is around 2.5 minutes long then your $130 worth of calls is actually more like $65 worth of calls.

Plus lets assume that only half your calls are calls that you need to make and aren’t simply calls because you have this “$130” worth of calls to get through a month then it’s actually more like $32.5 worth of calls and $32.5 worth of anoying people you know.

Oh wait and lets not forget the %20 buffer so you don’t run out of credit for the month. So that’s $26 worth of calls.

Hmm. $26 worth of calls for $19.90 a month and everyone who’s number you have hating you for calling them for no reason. Clearly thats alot of win right there.