The USS Quad Damage


is a movie that someone who I worked with wrote and produced.
doesn’t work here anymore (moved on to bigger and better things, so to say), but was a really nice guy and kept us updated as to post-production and negotiations with Sony Pictures in the US etc. The movie came very close to being forgotten about and dumped.

I would really like to see this movie, even if just for the fact that I knew the writer/producer. If you guys are also interested, even if it does have
Margaret and David at odds
over whether it’s a good movie or not, let me know.

Amazingly, it’s been pushed quite hard by Sony, and it’s playing at major Cinema’s across Australia, including Greater Union in Campbelltown. It certainly wasn’t a high budget film, so this is great news considering movies made by smaller independent moviemakers normally end up in the independent cinemas.

It may not make it to Dumaresq Street Cinemas if you are hoping for a cheaper option. The website certainly doesn’t mention it as upcoming, but then again, you never know.