The USS Quad Damage

A thousand winters gone...

I had a strange dream last night, and despite the fact that I should be sleeping right now I want to write it down before it leaves my mind completely. Everyone should know that as soon as you wake up you forget your dreams so if you remember them that’s great. The other good thing about this dream is that it made some sense in a twisted way.

Anyway, I was the fastest gun in the west. I didn’t wear a cowboy hat but I figure I can do what I like. Anyway, I had a wife and she was a few months pregnant (barely showing). I “remember” being so in love with her. I think she looked a bit like the girl from Equilibrium. This guy, a hitman maybe, killed her in a terrible way. The hitman was the second fastest gun in the west. I can’t remember the details of it but I think it was a little bit mexican stand-off-ish, but he basically claimed he was faster than me, and he was wrong. Oh right, I should mention before we get any further that this story is gory and really screwed up.

Did I mention I was also a doctor? Anyway, the guy I killed for vengeance, as it turns out, was part of a Mafia, and he was only following orders. I find out that the head of the Mafia is this woman who was a star soccer player, like David Beckam but a girl. So anyway I swear to give her a dance with my bullet, and she finds out. As I take a trip to the city in a zeppelin, two hitmen get on. The pilot is also in kahoots with the mafia, and lets one on, but isn’t aware that there’s another one, so he gets that other one arrested. He later gets in trouble for not letting the hitman on, and I notice, so I think I’m safe. However the other hitman tries to take a shot at me.

It was a close combat battle and we both had our guns pointed at each other, but I had my left hand out, and he had his right hand, only my hand was on the inside. We both shot but as I shot I moved a little to the left, taking out his right ear. I put him in a lock and some threatening remarks later I’m sure no one is going after me again. I look over the city at the building I’m headed towards. A mansion, in which the mafia boss resides.

Cut to the mafia boss. She looks sort of like Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s teaching a little boy soccer, but it ain’t her son (for some reason, she’s also indoors, in a place way too small to play soccer in). She’s getting a bit old for soccer now, and needs someone to pass her skills to. She confides in the child that despite that he isn’t her son, she loves him like one, because she cannot conceive. I don’t know anything about the son other than that he hangs out with her and she teaches him soccer.

I bust into her mansion and kill practically everyone there. The thing with the mafia is that as long as they know they’re gonna die they’ll pretty much cower away, so it’s not hard for me to get to the top. We fight, and I tell her about how she destroyed everything I held dear. I don’t know exactly what happened after that but I end up chasing her to a flight of stairs going up a set of flats (sort of like fire escape stairs).

I grab her and say some things, but I don’t remember what. She says something to justify her actions, but I don’t remember what. Her skin feels soft and for some reason she reminds me of my wife. It only makes me angrier. I dangle her from the second story window and some random stranger comes to her aid. I say something (again, I don’t remember what, but it was poignant) and I drop her. The main thing is, she doesn’t seem fazed at anything I’ve said. It’s like she expects these arguements or something.

Next thing, she’s in the hospital. I come in and tell her that I could kill her, but I wouldn’t get what I want. I could just keep putting her in pain and bringing her back to life, because I’m a doctor. Again, she doesn’t seem fazed. I take her out to the balcony and give her a cigarette. I say some shit about life and my son and how she took him away from me. As I say this a winch slowly lowers her “son”, upside down, with a slit throat, down the balcony. The cigarette drops, followed by her. Her soul is completely crushed and she’s crying like crazy.

I tell her she’s going to carry my seed, and after that I’m going to kill her, and that’s how I’m going to get back at her for good. She tells me she can’t have children. I tell her I’m a doctor and I’ll figure it out. For some reason she nods. I do doctorey things, and we have sex.

The next nine months are quiet. No one tries to kill me, and she doesn’t say much. However, things seem calm, and she seems almost happy, kinda serene. She has my baby, she holds her for a bit (turns out it was a girl) and hands it to me. With a smile on her face she tells me that the baby’s always going to remind me of her. I tell her “I know” and I shoot her in the face. The baby starts crying. I look at my gun. My hand’s shaking.