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Bad RTA, bad.

Driver points to ad campaign for his digitally enhanced road rage

So I’ve had a problem with this ad since it was released. I mean really an ad that basically says, hey if you speed you have a small penis. Firstly I’d like to see some sort of research done proving it. However worse than that the ad introduces to the mainstream a gesture which can be used in any situation to say that any male has a small penis. Really if it was targeted at women it would have been pulled within the first week.

Now imagine this.

An elderly lady passes by her doctors office which a sign saying Free Pap Smear screening, looks at it, says bah and walks off. She sees a couple of teenage boys with their index and middle fingers raised and then they seperate them into the classic english offensive V symbol.

Cut to a young adult woman smoking in a bus shelter. A middle aged man walks past making the same gesture as the woman blows smoke in his direction.

Next scene there’s an overweight woman chowing down on obviously unhealthy and abundant take away food. Think Mc Donalds or similar food. Some athletic man on his daily jog runs past and makes the gesture.

The message?

Look after your health or your a VD carring whore – The Cancer Council

Worse than that there is now a simple gesture you can use to offend any women as they’ll all know what you mean by it.

Obviously the scenes could go in any order. However the point is that if this was ever put on TV it’d be pulled within a week as sexist and extremely offensive. Yet the RTA ad remains which is pretty much the same thing but aimed at young men.