The USS Quad Damage

Welcome to the World of Yesterday!

Wired has an article which basically says that vinyl is making a come back infering that it may replace CD.

Now I doubt or atleast I hope that vinyl never replaces CDs/DVDs or what ever new technology we use for music in the future. However it does illustrate exactly how horribly the major record labels have managed music and the contempt they’ve treated their paying customers with. In that it is preferable to use an outdated technology, more costly technology because it isn’t open the abuse prepertrated by the major music labels via digital distribution methods in their Loudness War.

I’m not sure what effect the standardisation of normalisation in CD/DVD/MP3 players will have. However I assume it means that we’ll be bombarded with “Digitally remastered HD” CD’s for all those music CD’s we’ve bought in the last 20 years.