The USS Quad Damage

For Better or for Awesome

Shaun is back on the air, and not just walking through doors

There’s something wrong with people who didn’t think Shaun Micallef’s programs were hilarious par excellence. It boggled my mind how someone who could crystallise comedy with such brilliance could be regarded as anything less than a god amongst men.

I think his shows, including the Micallef Program, and it’s hilarious sequels, the Micallef Pogram, and the Micallef Programme, were all incredible. He’s possibly the first person to use special effects to get such great comedy. Those shows made an hour seem almost disappointingly short. Other shows fared less well, such as Micallef tonight (?) which still had some classic bits, such as the matrix bit and the high horse, but kinda lost me on the interviews (if only he spent time interviewing himself, the show would’ve been much more interesting).

Cutting to the chase, I am really excited about Newstopia...