The USS Quad Damage


Seems Gyms are just like software vendors, especially MMORPG’s.

See 10 things your gym won’t tell you

Take for instance these.

4. "Our trainers don’t know what they’re doing."

Kinda like how GM’s and other representatives of the company don’t know anything or how to help you.

5. "We won’t let you quit."

They let you quit but you lose everything you’ve worked for in an MMORPG. Gym’s being unable to remove your newly aquired fitness, fat loss and muscles apparently just keep on charging your credit card.

6. "Be sure to read the fine print on our contract."

Just like an EULA :(

9. "If your wallet gets lifted, it’s not our problem."

If someone breaks into your acccount and steals all your stuff Blizzard don’t give you back all your stuff. They give you back some but not all. I mean really who’s it hurting and they’d have everything logged so they know what you lost.

10. "Go ahead and sue; you’ll never win."

More EULA type crap limiting liability to nothing.

Sadly I wasn’t aware of the situation regarding gyms when I posted my parody of MMORPGs as gyms.