The USS Quad Damage

Facebook Fun!

There’s such an abundance of people who have absolutely no scientific knowledge what so ever on facebook. So it’s so freaken easy to pwn them.

For instance one person thought that Quantum Physics proved The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know!? both movies about how Quantum Physics can be used in conjunction with your own thoughts to get what you want.

I mean really. WTF?!

There’s also the always fun Christians.

Like this guy on the Jesus thread in the Australia network who I can only assume thinks that the Miller-Urey experiment only worked because there was some life associated with the experiment even those the experiment was done in an isolated and sterile environment. Thus meaning life acts as a catalyst around water vapor, electricity and gasses similar to the composition on an early earth. Even if said life has no contact while said gasses are forming organic compounds.

I assume that means that life radiates some sort of aura/radiation which probarbly means it can be detected and tested.

It’s kinda sad really that we exist in a modern western society and there’s people whom don’t understand how science works.