The USS Quad Damage

Strange Popularity

As Sunny has said in a comment a while back my name is the most popular search result which directs people to this site. It’s kinda weird and cool at the same time.

I was looking at my flickr account and took notice at the most viewed images on my account. It seems for some reason the most popular image on my account is a picture of houses out of my bedroom window.


And because I still can I took another picture today at the same angle, zoom, etc,...

Suburbia 2

As a side note both pictures are only reduced in size. There is no cropping or anything else. I may however take another one tomorrow morning so the lighting is similar.

It’s also kinda sad that I took my most popular/viewed picture within 48 hours of buying my camera. Not only that but it only took a single attempt.

For an encore I’ve decided that I’m going to spend 20 minutes writing something about m-theory. No wait a self “help” book and send it to Oprah. I’ll be Rich!