The USS Quad Damage

ROFL facebook is the lol

It feels like my IQ went down 30 points, and I'm not happy about it

I’ve bit the bullet and joined facebook. A friend I haven’t seen in ages asked me to join, and I felt the pressure. After a little bit of coaxing I felt, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? I’ve had intelligent uni friends join it, workmates, etc. all join it and not really complain. Maybe this would really be an easy and convenient way of keeping in touch with friends.

It isn’t.

Facebook is the same as friendster and myspace. Maybe it’s even worse. It had the nerve to ask for my gmail password so it could take all my contacts from there. Firstly, vomit, secondly, fuck off. I’m not even in a secure session. I felt immediately constricted. Nothing I even remotely wanted to do was possible. There have been a bunch of people add my email to facebook. I expected to see their “add me as a friend” on there, but no dice. After adding Raji and a couple of others (with no way of knowing who’s on either waiting list) I went about looking for a feedreader, and I added this site.

You’re supposed to be able to edit your profile page. This is a lie. All the garbage that exists there is not removable. Your stupid fucking wall is not removable. It wasn’t until I deleted where I worked that I could remove my work details from the profile page. Luckily I could add the feed to the page, so anyone who passes by will know about the quad.

Then I looked for flickr. Found it, added it. Both these “applications” (which are little third party add-ons for facebook) are buggy as all hell. If you remove a feed without removing it from your profile, there’s no way to get rid of it from your profile page without adding the feed again, removing it from your profile, then removing the feed. The flickr application crashed on me as well.

After getting both of them working, I proceeded to remove everything from my little “mini-feed”, which is full of shit no one should care about, like all the minor changes you’ve made to your site. I mean, WTF?

I then changed my status to something appropriate, took a screenie for flickr, and posted this.

Ugh, I even wrote that like a livejournal entry. I think I’m going to be sick.

[Edit: Because I’ve decided to enter this den of evil, I figure I’d better join something good as well, so I’ve signed up to Fidg’t

[Edit 2: So maybe Fidg’t is a mistake. Take a look at Plaxo instead. I’ve written stuff here