The USS Quad Damage

politics in the land of reason?

So, what’s your stance on Euthanasia? What about Abortion? Gay Marriage? Climate Change? What about Calculus? Some people are clearly against calculus. There’s a reason why I didn’t understand general studies in high school. It’s because it made no fucking sense.

What is delicious?

That’s not even a question. That’s an answer on Jeopardy:

Trebek - It is a chocolate coated in a candy shell.

Gabe - What is delicious?

You can’t have an opinion on “abortion” because it doesn’t actually mean anything on it’s own. It’s just too abstract a concept that needs some context with which to make decisions. What’s worse is, putting a complicated issue like “abortion” in a sound-byte gives people the impression they understand what’s going on when they clearly don’t.

So, unless you can write up a projection matrix, keep your mouth shut on Bioshock’s widescreen, idiot.