The USS Quad Damage

Gym? Oh silly me. Gym. lol

OK so I went to a Gym today and signed some form agreeing to their terms and conditions and started paying a monthly fee for it.

However I started reading the terms and they said that they could terminate my membership to the gym if I ever did anything they deemed against the spirit of the establishment and a bunch of other things. I guess that means they can cancel the contract when ever they want too.

Also they seem to be able to change the terms and conditions when ever they want. I assume they’ll let me cancel if I don’t like any new terms and conditions or increases in the monthly fee :\

Thats not the worst part either. I had to take a physical, get my fitness, muscle mass and fat levels tested and recorded. Apparently if I ever leave or they cancel the contract we have going I have to return to my original fitness, muscle and fat levels. They’ll get a court order and surgically “fix it” if they have to!

I asked about it and they said that they only offered usage of the equipment and an environment to socialise with others. Any fitness increase, muscle development or fat loss was theirs and I could only keep it so long as I was a customer.

Not only that but if any of my friends want to goto my new gym they’ll either have to pay for two memberships or suffer the same fate as me.

Lastly I’m not allowed to create a “competing” gym. Which apparently includes using my own at home weight set.

Man things were so much simpler before gyms had EULA’s.