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Ode to John Howard

It seems that, by the end of the year, John Howard will be replaced as Australias Prime Minister.

But how will the nation remember him? A few have stated that he’s done nothing and will be remembered as the Prime Minister who did nothing. Or the person who took us to war in Iraq. Or even as that guy with the really big eye brows.

I however disagree. I believe. No I know, he’ll be remembered as the Man who lead Australia into the 20th Century.

Think about all the great things he’s done. Reintroduction of xenophobia, removal of trade unions power, keeping us safe from legalised gay marrige, abortion and stem cell research.

I ask you. Who else since the late 20th century has done so much to prepare and lead the way into the 20th century than John Howard?

Sure a few whiney intellectual types may cry that he’s actually supposed to be leading Australia into the 21st century. However at the end of the day whats a century here or there in a few thousand years time? By then John Howard will be seen as a visionary, for being so far ahead of his time in the late 19th and early 20th century.