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Why I am smarter than Jeff Atwood

Now that we have a good point of comparison, I can prove that Jeff is a noob

Jeff Atwood is a Microsoftie, and an idiot. Here’s his article, and here’s mine. Believe it or not, they’re actually about the same thing!

Jeff basically looks at the application and says “Ha! They need a maximise button like Windows”. That’s most of his conclusions: “Do it like Windows, because that's all I've ever used and I'm too much of an idiot to accept anything else.” I on the other hand, go about trying to make the way macs do it better by using a different system, but keeping in the spirit of what Macs do.

I don’t even like macs, but I can still put that aside when thinking about the user interface.

Conclusion: I am awesome, Jeff is a noob. This is the second time I’ll end a blog post like this, and it’ll be as satisfying as the first time: