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Ergo Proxy on ABC

After showing Cowboy Bebop, the ABC is now showing Ergo Proxy in that time slot. I nearly flipped out when I saw the ad. I don’t think Ergo Proxy is great. It tries too hard to be complicated and sophisticated. The important thing about showing Ergo Proxy on the ABC on what is effectively a “mini adult-swim” is it’s recency. Cowboy Bebop was made in 1999, and is a classic. It’s also been shown on Australian TV before.

Ergo Proxy finished airing at the end of 2006 in japan, making this series more recent than many American series' that commercial channels are showing. Considering the fact that the ABC is showing the english dub, this is quite a feat.

If it hadn’t already, it’s definitely clinched it now. I’ve said this already, others (err... that article was written by Tim but is accredited to me because I’m an idiot) have said this already, but it’s been proven again: The ABC is far and away the best TV station in Australia. Other than House, Mythbusters, and Top Gear, and OK I admit Ugly Betty, every show I watch is ABC (Media Watch, Dr Who, Catalyst, Good Game, 4 corners, Chaser, etc.)

Am I the only one that’s disheartened by this? Oh well, as long as they get to stay on the air I’m happy.