The USS Quad Damage

Simon Says

We will deal with your problems, one person at a time...

So I talked with Simon recently after his surgery, and somehow talk went onto Myspace (Simon has a page), then this site. He says there’s two things wrong with the site:

  • The questionmarks above. You guys should get gravatar thingies.
  • He’d prefer a summary instead of the full article “Like how oddthinking has it”. I don’t understand how some people get so much street cred.

I’m also aware of the following:

  • It doesn’t appear to render correctly on IE.
  • The comments, when you submit them, don’t show up until you reload the page.
  • flickr doesn’t work anymore.
  • The site doesn’t have the nifty timeliney features I wanted for it.

Any other requests?

Addendum: From BoingBoing

My friend danah boyd, frequently featured here, is one of the best social scientists working on social networking sites today. She’s just published a working draft of a paper called “Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace,” which posits that well-to-do, stable American teens with “good prospects” end up on Facebook, while poor, queer, marginal and non-white teens end up on MySpace (even in the military, grunts are on MySpace and officers are on Facebook — guess which one the military banned!)

So it looks like Simon is a poor black gay dude.