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Language issues

Tires are for the week

I recently discovered that “tyre” is spelled “tire” in American English. This is abhorrent.

I like Ye Olde English of the Commonwealth. It has culture and some silliness. Life just wouldn’t be right if if “gaol” didn’t permute to “goal”. However, I appreciate the fact that the Americans have tried to simplify their language. Pragmatically, I think it’s fine that they use color instead of colour. I still like the British way better, but “color” is fine.

I’m slightly less happy with all the "z"s, “specialize” instead of “specialise”, “categorize” instead of “categorise”, “rize” instead of “rise”, and “democratize” instead of “hostile takeover”. I accept this, however, and in the end it doesn’t bother me at all that they’ve traded one contradiction for another.

“Tire” on the other hand is retarded. Why on earth change it to an “i”? The “y” was a perfectly serviceable letter in that position. If the attempt was to remove all homonyms, why not spell “weak” as “week”? Seriously, what the fuck?

Speaking of languages, the C++ should be called C!, which means contradiction. See, it seems in order to convert C to C++, they gave it a nice long contradiction bath. Afterwards, it didn’t have any contradictions left, but it still smelled like it.

I want to create a Bjarne voodoo doll. I think I’ll make a lot of money.