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People stupider than me

Everyone should read my blog

Why is it that people dumber than me about a topic have a blog site that’s more popular than mine? I’m talking about Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror. He’s always bitching about one thing or another. He’s usually wrong and writes two or three articles trying to justify his original arguement, which was wrong, only now he knows it and is trying to cover it up.

His latest set of articles are about how white people use typefaces differently than black people.

Or something.

He starts off with some well established truths: Both ways of rendering fonts are OK, but different. Hell, on Windows you can even choose at what point size you want to change between the the Windows way of rendering fonts (better contrast) and the Mac way of rendering fonts (better shapes). I’m sure Mac’s got the same fucking choices. Hell, on Linux, which is an operating system no human uses (apparently), I can choose between best shapes, contrast, and the amount of this shit that I want.

That doesn’t even begin to get into the fact that different fonts look differently good using different strategies, and the hinting on these fonts is crucial to making either strategy work correctly. It’s a total fucking crapshoot, and it depends mostly on the font you’re using. Jeff is talking shit. It’s like he’s talking while he’s vomiting shit and the words and the shit are indistinguishable.

He does this often. He says something that is full of shit, and when someone tells him “hey, you're full of shit and I have evidence”, he says “Ah, I am partially full of shit but you misunderstand the grain of non-shit in my original article”. The grain does not exist. It is all shit. He is full of that shit.

He puts that horrible merda on his blog and it’s still more popular than the Quad. I want to cry now.

[Edit: BTW linux wins so lick my balls.]