The USS Quad Damage

The GKick: Chapter 3

It was Friday and we were headed to the Opera.

It was Friday and we were headed to the Opera. Our raids offtank Ander had turned up, thus with my warrior we had the required tanks for the Opera.

“Hey Era, I was talking to Hemp and if Despair drops from Romulo and Julianne I'm going to pass to you. After all it's probarbly the best weapon you'll see in a while” - Ander

"Thanks. You’ll probarbly get Gorehowl from Prince Malchezaar anyway." - Era

The Opera event in Karazhan can take one of three randomly selected plays.

Firstly there’s the Romulo and Julianne play in which your raid must defeat Romulo, then Julianne and then both of them together. As a testament to Romeo and Juliet they both have to die a pritty much the same time or it’s curtains for your group.

"I hope it’s not the Wizard of Oz again"

"Stupid Dorothee and her little stupid dog"

Then there’s the Wizard of Oz play. One must defeat the “Heroes” of the play. Dorothee whom throws balls of freezing ice, her dog Tito. Roar a cowardly lion whom warlocks can cause to run in fear. The Strawman whom is especially vulnerable to fire. Tinhead whom after a few minutes slows to a crawl as he rusts and runs out of oil.

Lastly there is the Crone. A witch whom throws raid members around in swirling vortexes of wind after the “Heroes” of Oz are defeated.

"My what phat loots you have"

"The better to own you with!"

The 3rd event is the Big Bad Wolf whom begins the event disguised as a grand mother. After pointing out that she has phat loot the play begins. In this play every now and then someone is turned into little red riding hood and well you can guess what happens next. They’ll need to outrun the wolf or become lunch.

"Nice work guys. Curator tomorrow."

Despair didn’t drop.