The USS Quad Damage

The GKick: Chapter 2

"Hey guys, I'm taking that token for my tanking gloves as I'm Main tank" - Hemp

“Hey guys, I'm taking that token for my tanking gloves as I'm Main tank” - Hemp

Loot. It’s why people run raids. It’s what makes them turn up. It’s what you reward people with. It’s the life blood of a raid. It’s currency. It’s king.

"I want Depair" - Era

“Get in line” - Ander

“Back one more” - Hemp

Ofcourse how do you determine who gets what? Free for all and randomly assign loot to someone who puts their hand up?

“Raiders come first, then PvPers, then Members, then new Recruits” - Brain

A hierarchy of ranks with those at the top coming first and those at the bottom receiving the scraps?

"You need those more than me. Take em."

Do you rely on those in your system with equal or greater claim to exercise discretions to smooth over an imperfect system?

“But I've been here for just about every raid? Why am I still a member and have to roll against someone on their first run” - Noosh

What happens when the unseen currency you’ve been spending runs out. When those higher up in the hierarchy are only there because your rewarding politics. When they don’t exercise adequate discretion.

“So Ander gets the token for loot. What about everyone else?” - Noosh

“We're gearing up Ander incase I don't turn up” - Hemp

Or if they are supported by flawed arguements?

“Were not a loot based guild. If you want that go somewhere else.” - Brain

If they are based on hypocrisy?

In the end a system which doesn’t represent reality is doomed to fail. The invisible currency you’ve been drawing on will dry up. People will leave for greener pastures and environments in which they feel they are adequately rewarded for their time, effort and skill.

Welcome to the real world. You never left it. May I take your coat?