The USS Quad Damage

The GKick: Prologue

Good luck with your new guild

"Good luck with your new guild"

The sarcasm was apparent, I knew then and there my druid Lena had been kicked from her prior guild. I wasn’t sore. The decision had already been made minutes before hand and this was a final parting shot. It missed it’s target. I shrugged and laughed.

Ofcourse to fully understand you’d have to know how it happened. I leave the why however upto you.

It all began when I joined The Knights of the Holy Round Table of Doom. Not their real name but then it doesn’t really matter now does it. I joined, showed skill, turned up to half a dozen raids and was promoted to Raider. They were new at raiding. Most if not all the guilds leaders have never fought Ragnaros, nor wiped again and again on Vael or even attempted the lowbie snake god Hakkar whom resides within his City of Zul’Gurrub.

Progress through Karazhan was fast. We defeated Moroes, Medivh’s buttler. We took down the Maiden Of Virtue whom surrounds herself with concubines and other ladies of pleasure. We slaughtered the cast of the Wizard of Oz on Karazhans famed opera stage. Deactivated the Curator the guardian of the great Karazhan library and even defeated Medivh at chess.

We had our tanks Hemp and Ander. Guild leader Brain and her faithful side kick Scar. Our dwarven shadow priest Noosh and my feral druid Lena. We had many others but they are not important to this story.

After a few weeks of clearing the above encounters the number of attuned guild members was too many for a single 10 man group. Thus the guild leadership under Hemp, Brain and Scar decided it would be a good idea to start a 2nd Karazhan group...