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Some people are defending people who are being attacked by people who got offended by a statuette which the people made. Since I had a funny conversation with someone at work about sexism I’m wondering about my position on this.Bear in mind that I’m being totally honest, both from my brain as well as my balls, and it’s probably going to sound a bit creepy, like Harpreet’s recent post about trains, so if you don’t want to look at me funny or hate me afterwards then I wouldn’t read any further.

So being completely honest about this – The pic does make my heart beat a little faster. I mean, meow. I don’t know whether I should feel bad about it or not, but MJ looks hot. The thing is, we all know Spidey’s a complete idiot for liking someone like MJ, because she’s a total cow, but confronted with that I really have to ask myself if I could walk away from it. It’s not just the tits and ass, but there’s that smile and look in her eye.

I am keeping in mind I’m talking about a fictional character.

I am also trying to write complete sentences whilst looking at the frontal shot, and it isn’t easy.

The fact is, comic book artists are creeps. I know because whilst trying to learn how to draw, I looked at a lot of stuff a lot of people drew, and even in their random doodles there were a lot of half-naked or completely naked women. The better the artist, generally the more naked the pics were. These guys are obsessed with the way girls look. The fact is, as crap as I am at drawing, I understand it. We (guys) are wired for this shit. Look at any 5 year old draw. He’s going to draw a face. Kids are wired to do it. An artist will just naturally draw more of the human form, and mostly it’ll be stuff he likes. If you were a comic book artist, you’d probably end up with MJ yourself. If you’re less creepy you’d probably just keep it as a sketch. Comic book artists make it into some near porno image.

So, the other question is, what’s wrong with the image? I think that people are offended because she looks submissive, seeing as she’s allegedly doing the laundry (or not, but whatever). I don’t know about all guys, but I think a lot of em are with me on this: If I saw that, at that point I’d do pretty much anything she told me. So much for submissive. This dude said:
bq. I really think that Marvel should release a follow up with Peter Parker sitting on a couch in his boxers and wife beater drinking a Busch Beer while eyeing MJ up and making a derogatory comment.

This is completely nuts. MJ is clearly the character who holds all the cards in the “relationship”. She’s routinely hot-and-cold over him, and well, at the end of the day, she clearly doesn’t need to be with a dude who would make a derogatory comment when she could be with someone else who, at that moment in time, would do pretty much anything she told him to. To say that she’s the one being exploited is completely ridiculous. So what if she’s washing his costume.