The USS Quad Damage


Are those crazy 'crats a reasonable group of peopple to vote for today?

Aah, the Democrats. If you’re one for reasonable-ness and uber-micro, the 'crats are who you voted for in the late 90s. Just check out their key principles. Wow, sounds so... reasonable. Their policies look so... well I don’t know. OK, I guess.

So I should vote for them, right? Well, maybe. See, the thing is, no one votes for the 'crats any more. I’m not so sure why. I do remember some sort of “internal bickering”, and, well, I don’t hear about them anymore in any sort of news at all. How and why did they become so irrelevant so quickly?

The main bit of strangeness is the amount of text in there with all of their values and things spelled out, there isn’t much room for bickering. Further, the completely insane amount of... reasonableness... doesn’t really lend itself well to a group of people who have internal disputes. So WTF is going on here, people?