The USS Quad Damage

Ghost in the SVG

Everyone likes vector graphics, right?

Through a huge amount of effort, I’ve re-created the logo for Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex – Second GIG. The nice thing about this logo is that it’s completely vector graphics, so you can see my shoddy workmanship on incredibly high resolutions. SVG desktop backgrounds work as standard on Linux Gnome desktops (just set the .svg file as a background), and may work on Macs / Vista. For XP you’d probably need to convert it to some sort of scalar format.

It took a lot of work and rotation for the icon in the middle. There are acouple of flaws. I also haven’t seen the logo at a high enough resolution to tell if certain things are of certain shapes (is that an arc or a straight line? Are they rays or a straight line?). I’ve also got an error in there. See if you can find it. Once you do it’ll bug you forever.

Finally, the fonts. The big "S.A.C. / 2nd GIG"were hand created by me (by copious copying of the logo). Only the letters A,C,G,I,S,.,2,n, and d exist for that font. The “Ghost in the Shell” “Stand alone Complex” is in Georgia (IIRC) which I think is a free-ish font. It doesn’t look exactly like the logo, but it’s close enough. The asian font looks completely different from the logo, but I wasn’t even going to try to create a font with Kanji in it. I used an open-source font which was “close enough”. Looking at it now, I think my font looks nicer than the logo itself, so there...

The halo involves some vector blurring, which is not light on the CPU (and as I just found out, not universally supported. If it’s just a solid blue outline, that’s not how it’s supposed to look). In fact, it takes a couple of seconds to appear on my background, but it looks so cool, it doesn’t matter. The file is here.