The USS Quad Damage

It's official: Clan CC eats dick!

Clan Clan Choko made it’s debut in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory tonight manifested in myself and Harpreet, and already we’ve made a strong impression. As little as a half hour into the game, the following question was raised:

Does Clan CC eat dick?

The answer, unanimously, was “yes”. The other interesting thing about this is that now, we are officially “Clan Clan Choko”. Both myself and Harpreet are both very proud.

In order to achieve this accolade, we worked hard to avoid all knowledge of Wolf:ET, even whilst playing the game. It helped have a fair bit of accidental friendly fire, as well as getting killed at the first sign of trouble. Clan CC has a rich and vacuous pedigree of noobs. We would call it [CCC], but then people might call it Clan CCC, so it’s Clan [CC].