The USS Quad Damage

Hello sensible viewers

Like Oprah, it looks like we've grown out of our trashy heritage

Every now and then I look at the search engine terms used to get to this website. There have been some hilarious search engine terms in the past, like “Stupid Americans”, “What's taters precious 2005”, “gay 'can get fucked' blog”, “Fuck my USS”, and of course, the old classic, “Kari Byron 3D Ass”.

However, I logged in to Google Analytics again to find something amazing. The search terms our viewers use are far more sensible than they used to be: “fun facts about Mozambique”, “tricep pain driving a manual car”, “logitech middle mouse button doesn't scroll”, or “Donyelle Jones' Eyes”. awww...

In fact, the silliest things I could find were: “karl stefanovic bald” (haha), and “giaan rooney's nice ass”, both of which are perfectly OK things to search for, in my book. After all, they don’t want Giaan’s ass in 3D, do they?

Is this the end of the old, crazy, zany, silly Quad Damage? As long as Nathan is playing World of Warcraft and not actually writing anything, this reporter says “yes”.

This is Sunny Kalsi, signing off...