The USS Quad Damage

Zomg Ps3 Luanched!!11!!11one!1!!11!

Leading upto the official launch I’d read all about the PS3. Atleast enough to know that it wasn’t a giant success in the USA, is priced considerably higher in Australia compared to the USA and that alot people had their doubts about it and were going to avoid buying one. I expected a flop of epic proportions.

Watching the TV news today I couldn’t help but notice that apparently I’d been wrong. The Sony PS3 had large launch crowds, thousands around the country had apparently lined up to get their PS3 at midnight and it was an apparent success. What happened to all those nay sayers? Apparently they weren’t the majority or had caved in and bought one.

That was until I saw this article on The Age

In summery at the official Australian launch location of the PS3, Sydney’s Myers store in what I can only assume is Pitt Street Mall had 40, yes 40 people. Infact security and media out numbered customers them until 11pm. Absolutely hillarious in my opinion.