The USS Quad Damage


Ian Thorpe’s been on good weekend magazine, and all the newspapers have cut and pasted the story into headlines such as:

Ian Thorpe is not gay

Ian’s Lethal stroke we’ll never see.

Ian thorpe loses a sandwitch he made, but later finds it in his back pocket.

Why is his face covering everything? He’s retired. Why should anyone care? How does this sell newspapers? It’s all very strange. Worse,how is it that newspapers can essentially quote Good Weekend and call it their article? What a bunch of lazy bums we have for media. They swallow up tons of whitepapers and spit them out word for word. They regurgitate other newspaper articles without checking the facts. I’m quite sure media watch is a lot longer than it used to be. We need a decent, critical media who really puts their work in and finds out what needs to be told.

The only thing worse than our rail network is our media network. It’s a scary country to live in, in many ways.