The USS Quad Damage

SD Cards and photo recovery

A colleague had a faulty SD card and wanted to get the photos off there, after trying a lot of different programs I found that the best photo recovery software was “Digital Photo Recoveryâ€� by Art Plus – it took a very long time to read the card, but it managed to get everything off there, about 300 photos where as other programs gave me 3!

Speaking of SD cards, I just bought a bunch of 2GB Sandisk MiniSd cards from ebay for $20 each. =) Wikipedia has quite an extensive page on SD cards, and hopefully I’ll be getting a 8GB SDHC card from soon, I remembered when didn’t want to get a camera that used anything other than CF cards, but now those things look huge.

SD cards are a good size, the SD Duo cards that yeahdone sells looked good, but I found that they were a bad idea as you had the strangely shaped object which was hard to insert and remove from your devices, mini SD cards are still a decent size, micro SD cards are a somewhat too small, but because they’re a lot smaller than SD cards, the microSD to SD adaptors are a lot more solid than the miniSD to SD adaptors...