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I'm in love with Donyelle Jones

I never really knew what "baby got back" really meant until now

If you’ve been watching So you think you can dance you’ve probably “noticed” Allison Holker. Not only does she move in a brilliant way, and kick arse at pretty much every genre she gets, she is smoking hot.

However, if you think she’s the attractive one in the show, you are wrong. Every time I see Donyelle Jones I fall in love with her a little more. She’s got these electric grey eyes and this hot lip stud, and she can shake her arse like you would not believe. Moreover, she completely owns every genre she tries, and despite the fact that she’s a bit larger than the other contestants, she can move that weight, and that’s something worth seeing.

I mean, the very first time I saw her in the auditions these are the things that entered my mind, in order:

  • Hmm.. she’s a bit big for a dancer. I’m thinking she’s one of the joke entries.. wha?
  • HOLY SHIT the girl can move. Full credits++ girlfriend!
  • OMGOMGOMG she’s beautiful.

I’ve been looking for pictures of girls to adorn my desktop wallpaper. Nothing overly naked or anything, but it’s gotta be a good pic. I couldn’t find anyone that looked really good. In the end I settled on a Brittney Murphy wallpaper because she’s probably the best looking girl I could think of at the time (and unfortunately, there aren’t many great Natalie Portman pics). Eva Mendes was an option, but she always looks better moving than not.

The same is true of Donyelle, but if someone made a high quality desktop wallpaper of her, it would be on my desktop so fast...

The only thing that trumps that is a pic of Holker’s Tango routine.