The USS Quad Damage

SLR and near SLR Cameras

After five years of looking and thinking about it, I finally got my first SLR, the Pentax K100D, I had bought a Kodak P880, it was a bargain, it even came with a big flash gun for a mere $399. It had all the manual features and the lens even worked like a SLR, with zoom and focus rings, it has a nice zoom range, the photos it took looked fine, but it still wasn't enough so back to Teds I went. Sometimes you don't want to wait 25 seconds to write a full quality image to the memory card. And sometimes you don't want to have the viewfinder go blank a while before the photo is taken. I also bought a little Fuji F20 as sometimes you don't want your SLR handing off your neck. I took some photos at Parramatta station and I was asked if I was a tourist! We played with it earlier and instead of getting a blurred image in low light, there's what Sunny called a Max Payne look, photos will be uploaded one day.. Speaking of uploading, Picasa makes things so easy, it sees the photos, you select a bunch, click on upload to web, give it your google log in, the albumn title and off it goes. Now who's up for going for another trip out to take photos? =)