The USS Quad Damage

Rollcage for my feet

I want to praise you like a shoe...

I recently purchased a new pair of trainers given my current pair were falling apart at the seams. What is of interest is that this time I ventured into The Athlete’s Foot and went through their “Fitprint” technology.

Basically it’s a device which measures pressure points on your feet and displays them on screen for your viewing pleasure. My findings were that I favor my right foot when it comes to supporting my body weight, with a percentage lean of 53% on my right foot and 47% on the left. And whilst walking I tend to favour certain toes and the inner curve of my heels to provide support.

With this new information – they were able to bring out shoes for my perusal that were more able to meet my support and comfort requirements. What should also be noted is the manner in which you tighten up your shoelaces for the best fit, care and time should be taken to snugly encompass your feet within the shoes so that they can provide maximum support.

When you consider how much stress and repetition cycles your feet go through every single day it really is unsurprising that we should purchase good shoes that ease said pressure.

I suspect my weight distribution bias is heavily influenced by the fact that my right testicle that much larger then my left. Myth feasible, but unlikely.