The USS Quad Damage

Food for thought

You are what you eat... call me milk n milo!

This last week started off very well, but has quickly deteriorated into a unpleasant cacophony in what should otherwise be melodic silence (oh I like these irrelevant allegories so).

So in the hopes of otherwise occupying my mind and regain some semblance of control, I will be undertaking a further experiment, this time involving the intake of food and it’s affect on the mind and body. So please do not be offended if I should happen to refuse eating / display erratic eating patterns when we are out and about socialising.

I had actually begun said experiments a few weeks earlier but have been lax on my willpower to continue in any strict adherance and so will attempt to start anew. Am looking forward to how it affects my energy levels, psychological mindset, immune systems (have already had some results indicative of a weakness) and most importantly how the body attempts to compensate for above changes.

Water is your friend.