The USS Quad Damage

Clan Choko

Shouldn't we put some energy into being gamers, and putting a [CC] in front of our names?

Me and some work friends often play DOW, and we play so often I wonder why we don’t form some sort of clan. It’s often cause for interesting discussion, and these can usually last for ages. Hell, as I type this, two guys are talking about DoW over in the next cube.

However, I think joining a clan with work friends would be pushing us over our nerd quota. After all, every other weekend we play Settlers of Catan, and more recently Carcassonne, NDS, and the Wii. Forming a clan, and actually discussing strategies on some organised scale would probably mean spending even more time with them, and that would mean spending every waking hour with them sans sleep (where I spend time with sweet sweet Kari).

So, with Harpreet’s announcement that he’ll be leaving WOW, I figure it’ll be useful to direct some of our energy to forming a clan, picking a game, and working at it until we completely own (and who knows, maybe go pro!). Doing this involves a lot of creative energy, organisation, discussion, technical writing, and various other IRL skills, not to mention a lot of gaming.

The point is to take it semi-seriously, and schedule some time around it. The game doesn’t really matter, so long as it’s got enough people playing it, and requires a fair bit of skill (so WoW is out). The genre is also open, so FPS, RTS, whatever. We can make logos!

How about it? Have I captured your imagination?